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Entry No. 5,512

A pretty decent day. The weather was cool and clear, despite the heat of the sun. I have missed all this sun and all this light. I think our high was 74˚F.

We spent the day at thrift stores and antique malls and the like, looking for needed things. Which we did not find. But I came away with a 1960 Kennedy campaign button and a little booklet on dinosaurs written by Edwin Colbert and published by the American Museum of Natural History in 1961. I'm really not the person you take to places like antique malls, not if you're trying to stay focused.

Sirenia Digest 153 has gone out to subscribers.

And there was more Halloween in GW2.


12:54 p.m.
Tags: 1960, 1961, amnh, autumn, dinosaurs, good days, halloween, jfk, sunshine, taxidermy

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