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The Cicada Dialtones

If today was better – and I suppose it was – that's mostly because I spent most of it t my mom's, eating barbecue and watching the Alabama/Arkansas State game while Spooky went shopping clothes shopping at the outlet mall.

On Monday, I'll try to write a less telegraphic entry.


1:03 p.m.


Sep. 10th, 2018 01:58 am (UTC)
We've only got a little while longer before we're out of barbecue season. My girlfriend is from abroad and I had to break down the difference between a barbecue, a cookout, and barbecue itself.

Today I started listening to the audiobook of Michael McDowell's "Blackwater" series because you've mentioned it several times before. Already it's a book that captures the South better than 90% of the things I've read that have claimed to understand it. Even the name of the church, "Zion Grace Baptist Church" nails it.