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Selwyn and Lydia and a Thousand Singing Spiders

Today was, in most ways, a better day. For one, I wrote. For about a week, maybe a little longer, I've been wrestling with the beginning of the sixth chapter of The Tindalos Asset. As of this morning, I'd started and abandoned six different approaches to the section. This morning, I woke with an idea for a seventh approach, but it meant rewriting of what I'd last week. But I did it anyway, and it worked. At this point, I'm likely more than halfway through the novella.

Last night, Kathryn and I finished Ken Burns' The National Parks: America's Best Idea.

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions. Thanks.

"For 10,000 years people got along just fine comprehending that bad people did good things and good people did bad things, and we could respect the good things people did without it being misconstrued as a blanket endorsement. And the internet managed to screw it all up in the blink of an eye." ~ Rick Webb

And it looks as if Tropical Storm Gordon may be a hurricane when it comes ashore in southern Alabama and Mississppi on Tuesday evening. Either way, I think we're in for a lot of rain here in Birmingham.


5:25 p.m. (today)
Tags: documentaries, hurricanes, ken burns, piggly wiggly, revision, storms, the tindalos asset

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