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stone rhinoceri

Addendum: I got so caught up in all that dren about being about of shape, that I forgot stuff I'd intended to mention this morning. For example, a post by borggirl reminded me of a dream I had this morning, just before I awoke. I don't have many pleasant dreams, at least not that I recall (and I seem to recall most of my dreams, so I suspect I don't have many pleasant dreams), but this one was very wonderful. I was an android, but not a human android. I was a Nebari android with silver skin. I was walking through a vast garden, and there were a number of life-sized stone rhinoceri in amongst the greenery. They were very detailed scupltures, and the stone was something yellow-white and very hard and smooth. All of the rhinos were leaning slightly to the left (their left, not mine).

Also, Spooky bought me a "dead duck" yesterday. It's like a conventional rubber duck, but black with a green beak and X's for eyes. Its very red tongue is hanging out of its mouth. It's adorable and squeaks when I squeeze it.

For them what care, the Murder of Angels ARC auction is now in its final hours.

And I wanted to say that Jim Shimkus, who DMs for our gaming group and was one of the people who came over for the last ep of Angel last week, ordered one of the Low Red Moon shirts from the Species of One Shop and reports that it looks great. It's kind of inspired me and Spooky to put a little more energy into cafepress. I think my argument that T-shirts for authors make as much sense as T-shirts for bands still holds. Check it out.

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