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Entry No. 5,419

So far, overcast today. Currently, it's only 78˚F, with the heat index at 83˚F. The first half of yesterday was rainy, but then, mid afternoon, the sun came out.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,165 words on "The Eldritch Alphabētos" – "V is for the Vaults of Zin," "W is for Walls of Eryx," and "X is for Xura." I intend to finish the alphabet today.

After the writing, we drove out to Leeds to retrieve more boxes we'd stored at my mom's, then took them to the Harris Building. But after that, the day sort of fell apart. It was, for me, another bad day. I think there are too much of these days. I'm getting up too early or something. I desperately need something that isn't here.

Nothing much worth mentioning last night. Bad takeout again, and then I had a little RP before bed.

“There should be no rules about how a conscience should function.” ~ Ernest Hemingway

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions. Thank you.


6:06 p.m.
Tags: bad days, flowers, hemingway, leeds, lovecraft, mom, pills, rping, the eldritch alphabetos, too damn many books

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