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Addendum: (The Lure of Simplicity)

I've changed the title of the new sf story to "Night," though, for a moment I almost went with "The Horses of Neptune." Despite the revisions, there's something still bothering me about the story, something I can't quite pin down. I may yet do another revision before publication, if there's time.

I'm pleased by the proposed extension of Daylight Savings Time. Of course, the Bush Administration objects. W is no doubt worried about the 100,000 barrels of oil per day that will be saved by the extension. Me, I just like the longer days.

And I'm very excited about the release of a Hybrid SA-CD version Jeff Wayne's 1978 musical adaptation of The War of the Worlds. And there's a 7-disc limited edition. How drad is that? Very drad, indeed.

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