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Sky and Walls the Same Shade

A rough night, poor sleep, nightmares, and then I awoke to a thunderstorm hammering the mountain. These grey walls devour almost every photon, and cloudy days are like the last moments of twilight. It's cooler today, more storms on the way, but the sun will be back tomorrow.

It's been one week since we left Providence.

Yesterday was spent opening book boxes and stacking the books that came out of them, willy nilly, on shelves. I hate having to be disorderly, but this has to be done as quickly as possibly. We have to get these boxes out of here so there is room for us. We got Jacks for breakfast and Chinese takeout for dinner. It was a grind of a day.

I did take time to finish Gone With the Wind, though. I'm very fond of the novel, but I marvel that Mitchell was able to curse the book with such an astoundingly unpleasant protagonist, unpleasant to the very last, and still land a hit. Even Rhett comes off virtuous when compared to Scarlett.

Today, I'll be unpacking books. Quelle surprise!

Last night, we watched the most recent episode of RuPaul's Drag Race, and then the first four episodes of Season Two of Goliath.

I find myself home, missing all the Birmingham people who, like me, left, or who have died. Some of them will read this, some won't. Jada, Scott, Jenny, Katharine, Elizabeth, Tamara B., Rachelle, Jennifer, and so on and on. Geography is not the only thing that makes home.


6:01 p.m.


Jun. 23rd, 2018 09:50 pm (UTC)
Despite all the moving stuff that went on, I am happy you're back home and there will be no more RI winters for you. B'ham as an idea of place feels like home to me but none of my people are there. I've lived away so long it is only an abstract thought now.

I recently had that first cold store/hot car experience of the Summer. Grocery store AC was so cold my arthritic hands, feet, and knees were stiff and hurting, I was limping. hen I get to the car and can sit in the dry heat, the heat goes to the bones and feels so good in the joints - that is until I had a hot flash. But those moments of baking in the heat to ease the pain from the cold...