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Overcast and chilly, currently only 56˚F. We are promised a glimpse of blue sky, and I hope we get it soon. Yesterday, we saw a little sun, and the rain was more summerish than the driving winter rain we got Monday. But it was a long way from a summer day. Our high was only, briefly, 71˚F.

Only packing yesterday. And today we have to go to the storage unit in Pawtucket again to be sure everything in it is well packed and ready to be loaded onto a truck next week. Then we'll come home and pack more. And tomorrow I intend to write. The signature pages for The Dinosaur Tourist were finally mailed back to Subterranean Press on Monday, and that's the only work-related thing that's happened this week. The most interesting thing I packed yesterday was an alligator skull (below).

Last night, Spooky cooked, and then we watched Vincente Minnelli's An American in Paris (1951).


2:03 p.m.
Tags: cold spring, gators, moving, musicals, pawtucket, rain, reptiles, signature sheets, the dinosaur tourist

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