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Overcast, but at least the trees are green now. Currently, it's 61˚F.

Yesterday, more frustration, as I tried to finish Chapter 4 of The Tindalos Asset, but made precious little progress. A few hundred words and more rewriting. I have to set it aside again and go back to work on "The Eldritch Alphabētos" for Sirenia Digest 148. But even that has to wait until Sunday, as Kathryn and I need to get away from the house for a couple of days. I feel like I've been shut up in here since last summer, despite the (short) trip back in February.

Today, I have to be at the Hay at 2 p.m. to retrieve materials I loaned the library for the exhibits back in the summer and autumn and also to delivers another batch of my papers, possibly the last before the move.


I sincerely hope that reports that far-left politics are taking control of the Democratic Party are mistaken, as I have no more use for a far-left Democratic Party than I have for a far-right Republican Party. I have no need of extremists on either side, and I cannot stand beside the Democrats if that's what happening. I have been faithful to the DNC since 1984, but will heretofore be seeking centrist candidates, wherever they may be.


Last night, Kathryn and I watched Harold S. Bucquet's Without Love (1945), the only Tracy-Hepburn film I'd never seen. And one with Lucille Ball, at that.

Aunt Beast

3:25 p.m.
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