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Sunny and warm this morning, currently 69˚F, with a projected high of 70˚F. I think we'll beat that.

Yesterday, I wrote 878 words, "F is for Fruiting Bodies (also Fungophobia)." I'd intended to write "Fleur-de-lys Building," but it felt a little dry. And then I worked on the signature sheets for The Dinosaur Tourist. I'd meant to finish them yesterday, but after two hours my hand was cramping and my back hurting and I was still only a little better than halfway done. So, I'll finish that today. I didn't get any packing done yesterday.

Spooky met her mom in Warwick and shopped for new sneakers.

Last night, a new episode of Archer, and we finally began watching Downton Abbey. I liked the first episode.


3:52 p.m.
Tags: archer, dowton abbey, fungi, good tv, lovecraft, moving, shoes, signature sheets, spooky, spooky's mom, the dinosaur tourist, the eldritch alphabetos, warwick

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