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Still warm today. Currently, it's mostly sunny and 74˚F. We made it all the way to 89˚F yesterday. There's rain coming, though, and cooler weather. I slept eight hours last night.

Yesterday, Spooky and I dealt with the proofreaders notes to The Dinosaur Tourist, approximately two hundred of them. Today, I need to try to get a start of "The Eldritch Alphabētos (A Lovecraftian Primer)," and I need to look over my notes and what little has been written so far on The Tindalos Asset. I have some hope of getting at least a significant portion of the latter written in May.

Last night, after Mexican food from Olneyville, new episodes of Roseanne (with Christopher Lloyd!) and I'm Dying Up Here.


6:00 p.m.
Tags: good tv, olneyville, proofreading, rain, roseanne, sleep, spring, the dinosaur tourist, the eldritch alphabetos, the tindalos asset, warmer weather

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