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It's not unpleasant this afternoon. It's sunny and 59˚F, with no windchill. My office window is open. The high is forecast at 61˚F. Trees are finally beginning to show color.


A day Outside, a day of errands, in Warwick and elsewhere, and then we drove up to the Conklin Limestone Quarry near Lincoln. I'm using it as a locale in "Day After Tomorrow, the Flood," and I wanted to see the site first hand. The "limestone" in question is, in fact, Late Proterozoic (PreCambrian) age marble of the Blackstone Group. The site has been exploited for its brilliant white marble by various parties over the past 330+ years. The present quarry is owned by the Conklin Lime Company (since 1938) and was allowed to flood in 2004. It is a bleak, yet beautiful place.

A few days back (I can't recall just when) I finished True Grit, which is now surely one of my favorite novels. Yesterday I began reading Gone With the Wind.


I didn't really sleep last night. And at 5 a.m.., I resolved that if I were still awake at 6 a.m. I would get up and write. Which I was and which I did. I wrote 1,264 words on "Day After Tomorrow, the Flood." I finished up right at 7 a.m., went back to bed, and slept for about three and a half hours. But I got the day's words written. With luck, I'll have this story finished by Tuesday evening. It should be subtitled, "The Insomnia Story."

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