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In point of fact, yesterday was not the fourteenth anniversary of this LiveJournal. Actually, that would be today. Too many things on my mind. So, let's try again. In fourteen years, I have made 5,326 entries, amounting to who knows how many millions of words. This will be entry number 5,327.

Here in Providence, it's 38˚F, windchill at 29˚F, and we're under a winter weather advisory. On April 15th.

I went out with Kathryn yesterday when she was running errands. I saw a single green tree on all the east side of the city, a sad, small blotch of green.

Last night, we watched the first two episodes of the Netflix Lost in Space reboot. I liked what I saw, especially the casting of Parker Posey as Dr. Smith. The original series has a special place in my heart, as it's one of the earliest things I remember watching on TV, back in the sixties when it was new.

Aunt Beast

1:24 p.m.
Tags: blogging long-term, cold spring, good tv, green, lost in space, walls

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