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Here in Providence, it's sunny and cold, currently 40˚F, with a windchill of 33˚F.

Subterranean Press is now taking preorders for The Dinosaur Tourist and the cover's been posted, with Ray Troll's marvelous depiction of the inhabitants of the Niobrara seaway.

If you haven't seen The Detectorists (BBC), you should. We finished the series last night, and it's really fantastic.

"Marvelous" and "fantastic" in one entry. You'd think I was in a good mood. I might be, if not for this damn cold I'm trying to shake.

Aunt Beast

2:05 a.m. (this morning)


Apr. 9th, 2018 10:31 pm (UTC)
I got so excited about being able to pre-order The Dinosaur Tourist as soon as I heard it was available to do so, I completely forgot about including the number of my copy of Dear Sweet Filthy World during the order process (to get a matching number) like Mr. Schafer mentioned in the recent SubPress newsletter. But then I realized what number it is doesn't matter; just getting a hard copy of The Dinosaur Tourist at all is like a gift in itself.