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Yesterday was the sort of day that was so bad it should be stricken from memory. So, I won't say much. We went to Spooky's parent's place in Saunderstown to care for the cat. The bleak landscape and the freezing wind were even worse than I'd expected, and I should have stayed home. And something's given me a sore throat. We got home yesterday afternoon about 2:30, and I laid down and slept an hour. I never sleep in the afternoon. My depression isn't usually the sort that makes you want to go to bed and not get up again.

Currently, it's 40˚F and overcast, with the windchill at 32˚F. There's talk of snow today and on Saturday morning and on Tuesday.

If you don't like Roseanne, if you can't stand Roseanne Barr's politics, do not watch the show. It's that easy. Attempting to prevent everyone else from watching the show, that's called censorship, plain and simple. The suppression of art (and that actually includes sitcoms), whether it arises from the Left or the Right, is a key element of fascism.

Aunt Beast

1:53 p.m.
Tags: censorship, cold spring, depression, homesickness, roseanne, sick, south county
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