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The bitter cold is back. Currently, it's sunny and clear, 35˚F, with the windchill at 24˚F. The wind is blowing at 18 mph from the northwest, gusting to 36 mph. We're looking at snow flurries on both Friday and Saturday. I tell myself that if I can just make it 74 more days, I'll be home in Alabama, and next April I'll get spring.

I managed to proofread yesterday. I made it all the way through the Little Yellow Book ms., and I'm very pleased at how well story I wrote in 2006 stand up. "La Peau Verte," which I wrote in 2003, isn't quite as strong as the four "fairy tales" from 2006, but it's not bad. In 2006 and 2007, I was on fire. I was at the top of my game.

Lydia is flinging herself about the apartment, which she usually does this time of day.

A new episode of Roseanne last night. I'm very much enjoying the revival.

Spooky has to drive down to South County to her mom and dad's place to pill the cat. I may go with her. I may as well. I can pretend I'll write today, but that wind out there knows better. However, going with Spooky means braving the wide carnivorous sky and the stunted trees and the windswept fields.

Aunt Beast

3:38 p.m.


Apr. 5th, 2018 03:29 pm (UTC)
Providence is giving you a big send off - making sure you won't miss anything. Wow, and not in a good way.

Next Spring will be w. you... and this year you get hot AL summer, extended fall that goes into December, winter that teases in the early part of the year. And snow days! IF it snows, it's a party and a day off, not an endless slog through cold/ice.

This state, sometimes news items - amuse me or make me sad, this one does both. But gives me a tinge of hope that there are other ppl in the state who do not bow down to all things GOP and T as if it's their religion.


The last part of the article is bemoaning drivers having to drive by and see this _alarming_ mural. Alarming! <sarcasm Apparently it is more alarming than dead kids? There is also a WTF quote by a person who states the first amendment is important but they just don't want to have it see it (meaning an opposing view point expressed in the mural of El Jefe). They don't appreciate it being where they have to see it. I know. *sigh