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"...turned around backwards so the windshield shows."

Cold this morning. No surprise. Currently, it's 36˚F, with the windchill at 26˚F, partly cloudy. The lows for the next few night – tonight at 24˚F, Saturday night at 16˚F, Sunday at 20˚F, Monday at 22˚F.

Yesterday, I got back to work and did 1,002 words on this story that still has no title. I expect to finish it today, and hopefully I can get Sirenia Digest out tomorrow.

This morning I finished Larry McMurty's The Last Picture Show (1966). It's a very fine book. Next, I'm going to read McMurty's Horseman, Pass By (1961), the basis for Martin Ritt's 1963 film Hud. Last night, after a two month hiatus (time zone stuff) stsisyphus and I got back to our roleplay.

I actually slept seven hours last night.

Something I posted to my Facebook last night ~ I hope it's obvious to the world that "accelerated construction" is a synonym for "disaster waiting to happen."

Aunt Beast

11:23 a.m. (this morning)
Tags: "virginia story", cold spring, good books, good movies, larry mcmurtry, rping, sirenia digest, titles

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