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On the Road

I'm sitting here reading about Lexington, Virginia, which is where Spooky and I are tonight. This is the third time we've stayed in this motel, less than halfway between Providence and Birmingham, since last April.

Currently, it's 51˚F. There was much less rain today than we expected, though the sun never made it through the clouds. Tomorrow should be clear, though, at least by late afternoon, by the time we're getting back into New England. We;'re hoping to get up and out of here early, by 8 a.m. or so. I need to get sleepy.

For what it's worth, I profoundly disapprove of Amazon's "sponsored products related to this item" feature being displayed on pages for my books, which are in no way whatsoever "related to" the self-published crap they're trying to use my books to hawk. It's a sleazy practice.

I'm pretty sure that I witnessed an illegal gun deal of some sort today involving an automatic weapon, in a convenience store parking lot in Tennessee.

Aunt Beast

10:16 p.m.


Feb. 26th, 2018 02:14 pm (UTC)
Virginia? Whoo! Home state represent.

It's always weird to look at those sponsored recommendations...the ones for your work are really similar to the ones for Harlan's stuff, too. That slick, quasi-harlequin fantasy of only the most vague type like "Shadows of Magic", "Snow Queen", etc.

In trying to improvise titles for that faux example, I did however spit out "Hive-maiden of the Katakuris" which is authentically rad.

Safe travels!

Edited at 2018-02-26 02:14 pm (UTC)