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"My hand is tired, my heart aches. I'm half a world away here."

This morning, it's rainy and overcast, presently 53˚F. But we're supposed to have a high near 70˚F, and that seems like heaven, even with rain. It looks like a rainy week ahead.

We got in about 6:30 p.m. local time (8:30 p.m. CaST), after dark, and Mom had made spaghetti, so we didn't have to worry about scrounging up dinner. Spaghetti in on that short list of things my fouled-up teeth are not too fouled up to eat. We went to bed almost immediately, and I fell asleep watching Citizen Kane (1941).

We had rain most of the way through Virginia and Tennessee yesterday. It wore on me. It must have been hard as hell on Kathryn, given she had to do all the driving. We are too old to be making this drive. Or so say I. So says Kathryn, too. We're both sore this morning. It's hard to imagine actually pulling off the move in a couple of months.

Today will be a recovery day. A bathing and eating and recovery day. And I have a photograph of a giant guitar, across the interstate from the Tennessee welcome center at Bristol.

It is good to be back among mountains.

2:07 p.m.
Tags: alabama, citizen kane, exhaustion, mountains, not a kid anymore, rain, tennessee, travel, virginia

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