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All the money in the world.

Here's a meme I snurched off someone else's LJ, just because...

Five Things I Don't Regret Doing: 

1. Getting smashed with Jack Nicholson that night in North Hollywood.
2. Writing the screenplay for Silk IV: Spyder's Revenge.
3. Allowing Nar'eth to appear on David Letterman (twice).
4. Eating my weight in Swedish fish last Halloween.
5. Passing up a chance to write for The New Yorker in order to spend a year in Mongolia.

Okay, okay. I'll try to be more serious with the rest of these things, but, you know what the man said — print the myth.

Five of My Quirks:

1. I eat Campbell's Soup for breakfast.
2. I write in my underwear.
3. I have the ticket stubs for every movie I've gone to since sometime in 1994.
4. I often sleep to John Carpenter's The Thing.
5. I often cook in aviator goggles.

Five Things I Plan to Do This Evening:

1. Have dinner.
2. Watch television.
3. Read.
4. E-mail Sissy.
5. XBox.

Five Things I Would Do if Money Were No Object:

1. Build the Palaeozoic Museum in Central Park, as envisioned by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins.
2. Keep a team of SFX makeup artists on staff full-time.
3. Buy the entire state of Alabama and evict every living human being.
4. Spend the next ten years traveling the world.
5. Make my own film adaptation of Low Red Moon.

Any questions?
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