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Entry No. 5,260

There was snow early yesterday afternoon, but then it turned into sleet and rain and made for an especially dismal day, even by Providence standards. Currently, it's cold and sunny, 27˚F, with the windchill at 16˚F.

Yesterday's mail brought Weird Fiction Review No. 8.

I managed to write three of the story notes for The Dinosaur Tourist, and then the day got away from me. The blackness in my head won out. I have to do better today. In planning how much work I could get done before we leave on the 15th, I forgot I need to put together the chapbook of Dancy Flammarion stories that will accompany The Dinosaur Tourist, and that's going to take me two or three days.

I'm tempted to change the title of the collection to R is for Regret.

Aunt Beast

12:44 p.m.
Tags: anger, chapbooks, dancy, depression, homesickness, lost days, regret, snow, the dinosaur tourist, too much work

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