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Howard Hughes and the Pirates from Ganymede

Overcast today, but warmer. Currently, it's 40˚F, with the windchill at 35˚F. Seems almost like summer, but, alas, it won't last.

Last night, Sirenia Digest No. 144 went out to subscribers, and if you're not a subscriber, you should be. Today, I need to begin a vignette for No. 145.

I've not left the property since January 20th, when we went down to Spooky's parents' place in South County, and I've only gone downstairs and left the house a couple of times, to go down to the drive and help Spooky bring up groceries.

Aunt Beast

8:03 p.m.
Tags: agoraphobia, antisocial me, clouds, cthulhu, hpl, lovecraft, shut in, sirenia digest, south county, spooky, warmer weather

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