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"Don't get mad, get sadistic."

Er...yesterday. I'm not sure. My head is full of rain. Dennis is spilling the trailing end of his fury upon us this morning, after battering us all night. Spooky and I went for for a walk and saw the sun peep through for a moment. We saw no trees down, but lots of limbs and leaves. The gutters are still full of water, and I love that sound. I can pretend I'm listening to an actual stream, instead of rainwater rushing along between cement and asphalt. Everything is wet. The world is wet. I wanted to lie in bed all day and listen.

But here I am, typing. I did 1,207 words on "Zero Summer" yesterday. I should have this story finished by Saturday, at the latest, and possibly as early as Thursday, and then I'll get back to Daughter of Hounds. Also, we proofread To Charles Fort, With Love, "A Redress for Andromeda," pp. 205-217. I've gotten word of some very positive reviews of the collection, all scheduled to appear in August issues of various zines, I think. But the story was the main thing yesterday. Frustrating. I read a scientific paper, "Voyager Base Maps of the Icy Saturnian Satellites," written by a bunch of scientists, prior to Cassini, at the Institute of Space Sensor Technology and Planetary Exploration (German Aerospace Center, Berlin). I'm defeated by images, always. For example, there's no way inadequate language can touch this photograph (click image for a slightly larger version):

This is the moon Mimas (lower left) seen against the backdrop of Saturn's northern latitudes. How does one match that with mere words? How does one do anything more than take apart and reduce? Someday, I will write a book entirely of images.

I think we're going to try to get the eBay auctions going again soon. More later...

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