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This morning, a frozen too-blue sky and a dusting of new snow. Currently, it's 28˚F, with a windchill of 16˚F, the wind 15 mph from the northwest, gusting to 28 mph.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,276 words, and I found THE END of "As Water Is In Water," the first story of 2018. It will be featured in Sirenia Digest No. 144. Which is what I have to do today, put the issue together and get it out to subscribers, as soon as I've proofread the story and dealt with the line edits.

I think I slept too much last night. I've been doing good to get five hours, and last night I got more than seven. And now I'm groggy. I think maybe I've gotten too old to sleep that much.

Aunt Beast

11:39 p.m.
Tags: "as water is in water", endings, food, sirenia digest, snow, the pantry, the wide carnivorous sky, wind

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