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"20,000 chances I've wasted..."

Still overcast. Currently, it's 39˚F, with the windchill at 32˚F. There's a little snow on the way for tonight.

A bad pain day today, after a bad pain night last night.

One of the many things I currently have no fucking patience for is "progressives" bitching and moaning and waxing cynical about Joe Kennedy.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,049 words on "As Water Is In Water."

I briefly spoke with my mom yesterday. She's having all the carpet on the ground floor of her house pulled up and replaced with hardwood. We're heading down there in mid February, so that we can scout Montgomery neighborhoods and so that I can see to some paleo' business at the state museum in Tuscaloosa.

Last night, after boiled chicken and rice for dinner, we watched Star Trek: Discovery (an especially wonderful episode) and Shameless and then more Roseanne. We've made it into Season Three of the latter. I think that sitcoms are offering me great solace these days.

Today I have to write and talk to my agent.

Aunt Beast

11:20 a.m. (this morning)
Tags: "as water is in water", assholes, cats, good tv, joe kennedy, merrilee, mom, montgomery, pain, paleo, paleontology, politics, roseanne, selwyn, shameless, snow, star trek, tuscaloosa

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