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"...haunted by American dreams."

Sunny and warmer today. We're supposed to reach 53˚F, and I mean to go out for a walk after I write. Currently, it's 45˚F, but the windchill is at 38˚F.

Another good writing day yesterday on "As Water Is In Water." I did 1,245 words.

And Kathryn found me a new psychologist, whom I will see early in March. I will likely only see her once before we move in April or May. This is really only a stopgap measure to keep my scripts filled until I can see a doctor in Alabama.

Yesterday afternoon I worked on the latest jigsaw puzzle. They are an endless procession. For dinner, we had the last night of a three-night pot of chili. We watched Marc Foster's "Monster's Ball" (2001), which neither of us had ever seen. But now I understand why Halle Berry won that Academy Award. Oh, and there was the first episode of Season Three of Drag Race All Stars.

Aunt Beast

3:10 p.m.
Tags: "as water is in water", 2001, alabama, cats, good movies, halle berry, jigsaw puzzles, lydia, moving, pills for ills, rupaul's drag race, warmer weather

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