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Entry No. 5,241

Sunny and warmer today, though there's still a little snow out there. Currently, it's 44˚F, and the windchill is 37˚F.

This will be short, because today we're heading down to South County to visit Spooky's parents. I didn't write yesterday. I sat here for hours trying to find a story, a story I had not told before, or, at least, trying to find a way to tell a story I've already told in a different way.

Last night, Kathryn and I watched the first fifteen episodes of the first season of Roseanne (1988-1989), which is one of the strangest things Spooky and I have ever done together. However, unlike The Gilmore Girls, I'm pretty sure I am the target audience for Roseanne.

Last night, I left the House long enough to retrieve a bag of cat litter from the car.

Aunt Beast

5:09 p.m.
Tags: cats, lydia, roseanne, selwyn, shut in, south county, warmer weather

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