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"All you hear is time stand still in travel."

Overcast and cold. The temperature is currently 28˚F. There's snow coming.

Yesterday, I spent more than two hours on "Blind Fish," but I don't think all the lines edits will actually fix what's wrong with the story. So, I may simply cut it from The Dinosaur Tourist. Which is a shame, as there's some good imagery and some interesting concepts. But this story is evidence of the mess my mind was in late 2012, as I wrestled with the Quinn books (ugh) and Dark Horse (argh) and everything else. I just do not have the time or patience right now to truly make "Blind Fish" a better story.

Last night, we watched Robert Zemeckis' Forrest Gump (1994), which Spooky had never seen and I'd not seen since the summer of its release. I recalled liking it, and I was pleased to find that I still like it quite a lot.

Aunt Beast

11:15 a.m. (this morning)
Tags: "blind fish", 2012, cats, dark horse, good movies, kathleen tierney, lydia, proofreading, quinn, regrets, revision, snow, the dinosaur tourist

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