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"Gone all star white."

I was in bed until after 10:30 a.m., because bed was almost warm. When I got up, I posted this to Facebook: Here in Providence, it's 7˚F, with the windchill at -4˚F. Our overnight low was somewhere around 0˚F. Today's high, 17˚F. No end of this in sight. Last night, we huddled in the bedroom with a space heater to stay warm and let the rest of the house go. I am not supposed to be here. Currently, it's sunny and 9˚F. the sky is out there eating people, they're just too stupid to notice.

I also posted this to Facebook: Seriously, if anyone in Alabama or Georgia has a house they're not currently using that they're looking to rent, contact me. (

A few dozen oxy might make this hell bearable.

No work yesterday, except some email after midnight last night. I spent the day sitting in a pool of sun in the front parlour, trying to stay warm, working on a jigsaw puzzle. And last night, well, see above. We finished Part Four of The Ranch. I love this show so much. At least we get Danny Masterson in Part Five, 2018, I get ten more episodes before I stop watching. The Ranch will not be The Ranch without the Rooster, and I have no desire to see what it will become in his absence.

Confession: In September 2015, I had the money in hand to move away from Rhode Island, to go home, thanks to the two movie options. I foolishly convinced myself it would be foolish not to wait until the spring or summer, by which point I would have had the remainder of the money from The Drowning Girl and The Red Tree being optioned. Only, then everything fell through. And so I am still here. So, this is my fault, all round. I am not likely to ever have that sort of money again. It cost us more than $8,000. to move up here, and those were 2008 dollars, and that's not counting the expense of renting a new place.

Aunt Beast

1:16 p.m.
Tags: 2015, 2018, cold, hollywood, homesickness, jigsaw puzzles, josh boone, misery, mistakes, regret, the drowning girl, the ranch, the red tree, the wide carnivorous sky

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