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Entry #5,217

When I woke, the temperature was 17˚F, with the windchill at 8˚F. Almost two hours later, the actual temperature has soared to 19˚F, while the windchill has dropped to 6˚F. But it's sunny, even if there's no heat whatsoever in that sun.

Yesterday, I reworked the first chapter of The Tindalos Asset – again. August became December. Ellison Nicodemo's apartment isn't hot because it's summer; it's hot because the thermostat is broken and she can't shut off the heat, and also because the windows have been nailed shut. I have to leave this chapter alone now, because I'm losing perspective (one of many reasons I don't rewrite). I had this same problem with the opening of Agents of Dreamland, which I reworked two or three times, and there are still places where the dialog between the Signalman and Immacolata makes me cringe.

Last night, we watched the first half of the second season of The Ranch over again, in preparation of watching the second half of Season Two. The new episodes went live on December 15th, but I've been so angry about Netflix firing Danny Masterson I haven't been able to watch it. If Masterson isn't ultimately charged and convicted of the offenses he's been accused of, I hope to hell he sues the shit out of Netflix (and his accusers). The Ranch will suffer enormously for his absence, and I doubt I'll watch Season Three, no matter how much I love series. Accusations are not convictions, and treating people as if they're guilty before their guilt or innocence has been determined by a court of law threatens the very foundations of American society, and nothing is going to change my opinion of that point.

Aunt Beast

9:30 p.m. (Christmas tree 2017)
Tags: agents of dreamland, cold, danny masterson, ellison nicodemo, idiots, the ranch, the tindalos asset, writing, xmas

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