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Howard Hughes and the Cold

I actually am not sure I have the words to express how much I hate winter. The cold weather. The barren trees. All of it. For what it's worth, it's warmer today, currently 43˚F, with the windchill at 34˚F. We made it up into the low fifties yesterday.

No real progress on The Tindalos Asset yesterday.

Spooky's still feeling awful. I seem to have dodged the worse of this one, but everything is off, even more off than it was before she got sick. And this is what happens when we dare go to a movie in the winter. We were surrounded by sick people too stupid not to go to the movies when they're hacking up a lung. Epidemiology is beyond them. Or maybe they're not stupid at all. Maybe they just don't care if they make other people sick.

I have to get my Christmas cards out today.

I keep forgetting to mention, I have been chosen as a reader for the 22nd Annual Moby-Dick Marathon at the New Bedford Whaling Museum, and I've been scheduled for Saturday, January 6th at 5:15 p.m. I do not yet know which portion of the novel I'll be reading.

I'm sure there will be sick people there.

Aunt Beast

10:50 a.m. (this morning)
Tags: cold, cormac mccarthy, inconsiderate assholes, melville, moby-dick, new bedford, sick, the tindalos asset, whales, winter, xmas

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