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Howard Hughes and a Cat Named Magoo

Currently, it's 52˚F and sunny, with the windchill at 48˚F. The NWS is calling for flurries tomorrow morning.

The headache kept me from working yesterday. It kept me from pretty much everything. I managed a bath late in the afternoon. The bright spot was a package that arrived from Subterranean Press, a copy of Tim Richmond's Fingerprints in the Sky: The Authorized Harlan Ellison Bibliography. There was leftover Thanksgiving lasagna for dinner. Tiddly pom.

Today, I wish I were in Athens or Atlanta, Birmingham or Leeds, or on a fast train to any of those places. Just not here.

Aunt Beast

1:47 p.m. (this morning)
Tags: athens, atlanta, birmingham, harlan, homesickness, leeds, lost days, pots and pans, snow, subterranean press, thanksgiving, trains, winter

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