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"Maybe these maps and legends have been misunderstood." (0 Vicodin)

A cold morning, and I awake feeling like shit. Currently, it's sunny and 39˚F, with a windchill of 29˚F.

Last night, we saw Steven Spielberg's The Adventures of Tin Tin (2011), and I have to admit I was entirely underwhelmed by the rubbery CGI and unrelenting and gratuitous 3D gag shots, to the point that I found the whole thing more annoying than anything else. We also saw the new episodes of Shameless and SMILF, the latter of which continues to impress me. And I finished a jigsaw puzzle yesterday, and I talked about going to Alabama for December to be with my family and escape the New England cold for a little while. Oh, and there's a photo of Selwyn being annoyed at Lydia, who was being noisy.

Aunt Beast

10:52 a.m.
Tags: 3-d, anxiety, cats, cold weather, homesickness, jigsaw puzzles, lydia, selwyn, smilf, spielberg

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