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Cold today. Currently, the windchill is 30˚F, with the actual temperature at 40˚F. We have a wind advisory, with gusts to 33mph.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,107 words on "Behind the Wall of Sleep, Below the Starless Sky, Above the Sea of Worms."

Last night, dinner from Pan-a-Day, and then we watched the first episode of David Fincher's new Netflix series, Mindhunter. I am a huge David Fincher fan, but so far I'm just not feeling Mindhunter. We also re-watched three more episodes of Twin Peaks: The Return. There was a brief bit of RP afterwards.

And that was yesterday.

Aunt Beast

1:31 p.m.


Nov. 11th, 2017 10:38 pm (UTC)
I don't know where the quote that is the title of your entry is from, but it's spot-on. That's humanity, in a nutshell. We're always getting out of order. Sometimes it's comical; usually, it's just sad, bad, or mad.