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Cold today. Currently, the windchill is 30˚F, with the actual temperature at 40˚F. We have a wind advisory, with gusts to 33mph.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,107 words on "Behind the Wall of Sleep, Below the Starless Sky, Above the Sea of Worms."

Last night, dinner from Pan-a-Day, and then we watched the first episode of David Fincher's new Netflix series, Mindhunter. I am a huge David Fincher fan, but so far I'm just not feeling Mindhunter. We also re-watched three more episodes of Twin Peaks: The Return. There was a brief bit of RP afterwards.

And that was yesterday.

Aunt Beast

1:31 p.m.


Nov. 10th, 2017 05:35 pm (UTC)
Acquired taste
I finished Mindhunter the other day. In many ways, it's a battle against expectations: what you might expect from a television show, from plots in general, and from the overworked serial killer genre. The payoffs are mostly in watching the actors, rather than in plot twists and turns. At its bare essence, it's about the act of imagining how a deviant mind works, and the potential effect that can have on the imaginer. In its first season, at least, it's a show without spoilers, except in the respect that to some extent that description itself is a spoiler.