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"And only one continuous fin!"

Rainy all yesterday, rainy all night, rainy today. Currently it's 61˚F. I see from the infrared satellite photographs that this storm currently stretches from Cuba to northern Quebec.

Yesterday was the worst day since August 30th. Somehow, though, it was worse than that day. The only work that was done was the trip to Brown, to the Hay. I sorted through old Silk mss., but I'm having trouble finding a printed copy of the early version in which Nikki Ky was still Eddy Sung (from Billy Martin's Drawing Blood). And, as I said on Facebook yesterday, I spent much of the afternoon reading rejection letters for Silk, from pretty much every publisher who was publishing in 1996. I saved them all. Twenty-one years later, they're all pretty funny. Some will be printed, in facsimile, in the Centipede Press edition. It took over a year to sell that book, even with one of the best agents in NYC. Anyway, I was overwhelmed and tired, and I'm going back next week to finish the work I started yesterday. First, though, I have to get Sirenia Digest No. 141 out of the way.

And I have a bunch of notes from the person who's translating Agents of Dreamland into Spanish, a bunch of questions to be answered.

Last night, dinner from Bucktown. I've learned how to tear a hamburger into tiny little pieces that can be eaten with my mouthful of shattered, rotten teeth. Adaptive behavior at its best.

Aunt Beast

7:16 p.m.
Tags: 1996, agents of dreamland, bad teeth, billy, brown university, bucktown, cuba, eddy sung, foreign editions, john hay library, nikki ky, quebec, rain, rejection slips, silk, spain

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