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Entry No. 5,149

Sunny today, and a sky that is as blue and hungry as any sky ever has been. I expect bones to fall from that sky, a thousand bird bones, a rain of bones and feathers. Currently, it's 63˚F.

Yesterday was spent at the Hay, proofreading Black Helicopters (again). It was the first time I'd read the ms. all the way through with the five new sections included, and I was relieved and amazed that they fit seamlessly, as if they'd been written in 2012, as if they'd been there all along. Indeed, now the book would seem incomplete without them. Today, I will give one more day to the ms. Here is a breakdown of the chapters, with the new sections highlighted in red.

01. Radio Friendly Unit Shifter (Dublin, 12/10/2012)
02. Anybody Could Write a True Story (Stonington, Maine, 9/28/2012)
03. A Wolf at the Door/It Girl. Rag Doll (5/7/2112)
04. Black Ships Seen Last Year South of Heaven (Dublin, 13/10/2012)
05. Late Saturday Night Motel Signal (Atlanta/Manhattan, 8/9/2035) [Part 1]
06. How Ghosts Affect Relationships (1/1/2001; 12:01:01 a.m.)
07. The Way Out Is Through (Stonington, Maine, 9/30/2012)
08. Golgotha Tenement Blues/Counting Zeroes (11/15/1966)
09. Bury Magnets. Swallow the Rapture. (17 Vrishika, 2152)
10. A Plague of Snakes, Turned to Stone (Stonington, Maine, 11/4/2012)
11. Throwing a Donner Party at Sea (5/13/2114)
12. If I Should Fall From Grace With God (Borrisokane, County Tipperary, 18/10/2012)
13. Late Saturday Night Motel Signal (Atlanta/Manhattan, 8/9/2035) [Part 2]
14. 折り紙設計/Hasenohrfaltung (Dublin Port, 14/10/2012)

15. The Spider’s Stratagem (London, 12/12/2012)
16. Now[here] Man Saves/Damns the World (Albany, 12/20/12)
17. Thunder Perfect Mind/Judas as a Moth (undated)
18. Soft Black Stars (Forward Command, Byard Point, Maine, 12/21/2012)
19. Where I End and You Begin (The Sky Is Falling In) (21/12/12)
20. ἀποκαλύπτω (1/5/2013)
Appendix: 09. [les Anglaise Remix] Bury Magnets. Swallow the Rapture. (17 Vrishika, 2152)

Also, I delivered my Stoker for Alabaster: Wolves to Christopher Geissler, as it's being added to the exhibit.

Things I said on Facebook this morning:

Why do I hate being an author? For me, if I am to think of my writing as having labored in a more traditional work environment, being an author is comparable to being employed by a constantly abusive corporation that takes everything it can get, tosses you a bone now and then, promises promotions and benefits that are never delivered, demands more, then finally dumps you for someone younger and hipper with lower expectations. Actually, maybe, for me, writing has been an abusive boyfriend, one of those assholes I dated in the early Nineties. And this is not only about publishers, it's also about the reading public.

~ and ~

I'm ready either to move to Ireland and speak with a German accent or move to Germany and speak with an Irish accent. One of the other, so long as no one thinks I'm an American. I have reached the point where I'm done with this shame and horror.

~ and ~

Just had to ban some Trump-supporting piece of shit from my LiveJournal. The asshole was gleefully crowing that "we're in the post-information age now." Really, this is the world I wake into. My nightmares are safer.

Aunt Beast

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