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"Four symbols make a man: A, T, G, & C."

The clouds are very slowly braking up. It was 61˚F when I woke, and now it's only 60˚F. Given our forecast high is 61˚F, I can only assume we've already seen the warmest part of the day. When I fell asleep last night, about 3 a.m., it was 70˚F. The weird weather of coastal New England.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,325 words on the final section of the Tor.com expanded edition of Black Helicopters. I hope to finish it today.

Have I talked about how much I'm loving Discovery: Enterprise? The concept for the spore drive alone might make this the smartest Star Trek ever. It's an idea that's almost too cool for Star Trek.

Aunt Beast

3:56 p.m.


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Oct. 17th, 2017 08:38 pm (UTC)
I'm enjoying the discussion on the 'After Trek' show that follows 'Discovery' too. So far they haven't really delved any depths but it's nice to hear about some of the behind the scenes stuff and the writers' ideas.
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