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Howard Hughes digs the big monkey.

I thought I was going to lose yesterday, that it would slip between my fingers, and hardly a word would be written. It was very close. There's usually a point, a moment, a window of moments, and I know that if pages are to get done, I must get past that window without succumbing to the frustration and annoyance and noise and chaos and crap, I must write in spite of those moments, and if I do persevere, the troublesome window almost always closes, and the words come to me. Monday, I slipped. Yesterday, I hung on and did a respectable 1,415 words on Chapter Six of Daughter of Hounds.

Meanwhile, I've done a fine, fine job of procrastinating on all the editing and suchlike for To Charles Fort, With Love, and now, of course, I have to deal with the fast-approaching July 15th deadline. I still have most of the proofreading to do (anyone out there with an ARC catches typos, feel free to let me know —, as well as the author's photo to shoot (that's Spooky's department) and an illustration for the dedication page. I figure if we do a short story a night, and squeeze in the preface and afterword somewhere, we'll just make it.

Congratulations to Uncle Peter for bringing home a Stoker for In the Night Room.

Between the unbidden chaos and all the work on Daughter of Hounds, has been languishing. But at least I finally I got the new pinup posted last night. Click here for Nar'eth, Tomb Raider. Thank you, setsuled.

Regarding all future eBay auctions: I know that I've been very open in the past about writing pretty much anything in a book that I'm asked to write, but, from here on, I'll be limiting my inscriptions to short bits such as "Happy Birthday to Whoever" or "Happy Anniversary" or "Don't eat the oysters." I will also inscribe passages from published poetry and prose by other authors, but only as long as I can attribute the quote to its rightful author. I've begun to worry that some of the longer, quasi-poetic inscriptions people have asked me to make could be taken for something that I composed myself, and I'd rather avoid even the possibility of that sort of confusion coming back to haunt me. I hope that everyone will understand. If you're in doubt, feel free to clear an inscription with Spooky before a book purchase or bid. Thanks.

Finally, a trailer for Peter Jackson's King Kong has been released. It looks splendid.

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