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"We skipped the sunrise, looking across the grass."

Rainy today, currently 73˚F. What's left of Nate is almost here.

Today, I need to write a short introduction to the Centipede Press edition of Silk. Yesterday, I worked on the appendices again, including layout on the preface that I wrote for the 1999 Gauntlet Press edition of the book, the one with the Clive Barker illustrations. It occurred to me this morning, in 2017 the characters who in Silk where in their twenties and thirties would, today, be in their forties and fifties was a sobering and oddly comforting thought.

Last night, new Star Trek: Discovery, a new episode of The Deuce, GW2, and a little RP.

I've been fighting the same UTI, on and off, since early July. Yesterday, I began taking capsules of oregano oil, and I think it's working. I'm doing everything I can to avoid another round of antibiotics, since that's what started this to begin with.

Aunt Beast

10:54 p.m., "Take the black pill."
Tags: 1999, centipede press, feminism, gauntlet press, good tv, hrc, hurricanes, misogyny, piss, politics, silk, star trek, the deuce

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