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Dinosaurs, Deserts, and DPS

So, José's influence is finally fucking gone from our weather. The sun is back. Currently, it's mostly sunny and 73˚F.

Yesterday, I did 1,215 words yesterday on "Theoretically Forbidden Morphologies." I'm taking today off, though. I haven't had a day when I didn't at least try to write since September 2nd. It has been a very productive month, but I need to rest today. And take a fucking shower. And maybe a nap.

As the solstice yesterday was not until 4 p.m. EDT, I actually did get a chance to got outside again before autumn.

Everything after the writing yesterday was Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire. The usual launch-day bugs and shenanigans aside, I have almost nothing but praise for the expansion. And I'm one the people who loathed the last expansion, Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns. The Crystal Oasis, the first of the five new regions, which is as far as Spooky and I got in yesterday seven-hour gaming binge, is simply the most beautiful environment I have ever seen in any MMORPG. It is genuinely breathtaking. Thank you, ArenaNet, for listening to the players. Guild Wars is Guild Wars once again.

Now, I have a day off to figure out.

Aunt Beast

12:36 a.m.


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Sep. 23rd, 2017 07:19 pm (UTC)
Uh, happy Autumnal Equinox? Don't know if you're happy about the arrival of autumn or not. We're having beautiful weather today in NYC now that Jose is done screwing around with us. I hope you likewise are having a lovely day in Providence.
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