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"You're in the water. I'm standing on the shore, till thinking that I hear your voice."

It sunny and warmer here. We made it into the mid eighties yesterday, and it's going to be low eighties today. Things might be going fairly well, if I'd slept last night.

Yesterday, I did the interview for a Mexican website, and that actually went well. I'd not done an interview in a long time, and I don't enjoy doing them. But there were some good questions, and that helps. Today, I absolutely have to get back into "La Bell Fleur Sauvage." I need to bring this beast to a close. Then it's Sirenia Digest No. 140, and then it's back to work on two new scenes for Black Helicopters, and then I'm going to return to work on The Tindalos Asset.

Last night, we watched Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive (2011). I found it a strange but largely effective film. It was a little heavy handed with the gore, given it's general tone, and the beginning of the film is almost derailed by some schmaltzy, sentimental, soft-focus scenes that felt clipped from another movie entirely. There's a great cast, and Ryan Gosling does a sort of Steve McQueen riff.

Aunt Beast

6:58 p.m.
Tags: "la belle fleur sauvage", 2011, black helicopters, good movies, green autumn, interviews, not enough sleep, the tindalos asset

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