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"Pero ya no hay, ya no hay estrellas."

Sunny today, and currently it's 69˚F.

Yesterday, I fell off the horse. Today, I have to get back on. Also, there was a trip to Best Buy yesterday. I am fairly certain Best Buy is the white hot hellish center of the nightmare that is contemporary electronics fetishism. I had an anxiety attack, so bombarded was I by sound in ultra HiFi quadraphonic whatever and pixelated, digitized images in HiDef and promises of the best WiFi and the press of bodies and the blinding light burning down on everything. SPEND SPEND SPEND (I need to wear ear plugs and dark glasses when I go into such places.)

Watching Irma and worrying about friends who got out and other friends who stayed behind.

Aunt Beast

1 p.m. (It's safer if you look up.)
Tags: anxiety, consumerism, futureshock, hurricanes, lost days, technology, wasted days

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