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"And when I'm away from you, I love how you miss me."

I think I got less than four hours sleep last night. But onward. Sunny today, and that helps. Currently, it's 77˚F.

Yesterday, I wrote 2,195 words on "La Belle Fleur Sauvage," the "womb-plague" novella. And there was a trip over to the East Side for cat food and people food. And really, that was yesterday. Oh, and I've been invited to ICFA this coming March, and that's awesome and all, but I have no idea how I could possibly afford the trip.

And Lydia.

Late last night, I enlisted the aid of setsuled in setting up the New Cherbourg Salon skybox in Second Life. Details TBA. Images to come.

Aunt Beast

5:13 p.m.
Tags: "la belle fleur sauvage", cats, icfa, kittens, lydia, money, not enough sleep, novellas, second life, travel

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