greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

Howard Hughes Bids Farewell to Summer No. 53

Sunny and 63˚F here in Providence.

I made some progress yesterday on the script for my contribution to Mine!. With luck, I'll finish the thing today. And tehn I can get back to work on...well, actually, I'm not entirely sure what's next.

Last night, dinner from Pan-a-Day, and there was Guild Wars 2, and there was some RP, and there was Second Life, very late. MONOTONY.

Today's photo does a pretty good job of summing up Providence – beautiful architecture and bleakness, beneath a sky that will crush you flat.

Aunt Beast

6:19 p.m.
Tags: comics, dancy, green autumn, providence, second life, the wide carnivorous sky
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