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Howard Hughes and the Total Kitten Apocalypse

When I got out of bed at 9:30 a.m., it was sunny. But clouds have moved in. Currently, it's 69˚F. It was 64˚F when I first sat down at the iMac, about three minutes after waking up.

Yesterday, a long work day. I proofed the first section of The Tindalos Asset and did a bit of revision. I found the title for section two. And then I read "Far From Any Shore," which I wrote in June and July of 2014 and honestly had not looked at since. It's not a bad story. I did a good number of corrections and revisions on it, then sent the new ms. off to Steve Jones. And that was my yesterday.

There was Pan-a-Day for dinner – stew fish with fresh tomatoes and citrus and onions, plus cook-up rice with red beans and boiled potatoes. If you're in Providence, you really need to try Pan-a-Day. Cheap, delicious comfort food and lots of it!

Last night, Spooky and I signed into Guild Wars 2 for the preview of the next expansion, Path of Fire. After an hour or so, I posted this to Facebook: Playing the preview weekend for Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire. And I want to say, Arena Net, this is beautiful, and I forgive you for the sad mess that was GW2: Heart of Thorns. And I never thought I would. And it's true. Also, we finally get mounts, which explains my next Facebook post: I mean, I'm riding a fucking dinosaur through the desert? Does it actually get better than that? After GW2, I was up late-ish on Second Life, getting to bed about 2 a.m.

Yesterday, from the new Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, I read "The last European varanid: demise and extinction of monitor lizards (Squamata, Varanidae) from Europe." This morning, I started Charles Bukowski's Factotum (1975).

And here are a few more posts from:

8/10 ~ I can't resist drug analogies, so...Think of Black Helicopters as LSD crossed with some spooky superhallucinogenic like glycolate anticholinergic (BZ), and think of Agents of Dreamlands as a boozy, tequila-soaked peyote trip. At this point, The Tindalos Asset is looking like it's gonna be a speedball, a high-test cocktail of cocaine and heroin, a psychogenic roller coaster, as it were.

8/10 ~ I'm starting to think that before this dentistry thing is done, I'll not be left with a single tooth. That will be my new look – Neo-Victorian filter feeder. Really, I think I'll ask my dentist if baleen is an option.

Aunt Beast

4:31 p.m.
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