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"Fate, up against your will, through the thick and thin."

Sunny today. Currently it's 77˚F.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,311 words and finished the first "chapter" of The Tindalos Asset. And I'm pleased with it. The Signalman appears to help open the story, but there's a new protagonist, Ellison Nicodemo. I'm 3,321 words into what I estimate will be a 35,000-40,000-word novella. Now, today, I just have to find my way into the second "chapter." But I also need to proofread "Far From Any Shore" for Steve Jones' best of 2016 anthology.

Selwyn and Dread Pirate Lydia are playing and having a ball.

We saw a really wonderful documentary last night, Lionel Rogosin's On the Bowery (1956). New York City was still New York City...

Aunt Beast

3:01 p.m.
Tags: "far from any shore", bums, documentaries, editing, ellison nicodemo, lionel rogosin, lydia, nyc, proofreading, selwyn, steve jones, the tindalos asset

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