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a day of loose ends

For a day off (usually a bad idea for me), yesterday went quite well, thank you. Spooky and I spent the late morning/early afternoon wandering about L5P. We stopped by Abbadabba's and looked at shoes (but only looked, mind you). We had lunch at The Vortex (shared the huge nachos). We spent a little time in the rose garden at Fernbank and were scolded by a mockingbird; I avoided the museum itself because I simply wasn't up to the noise and clamour of school children yesterday. We made a 3:55 matinee of Batman Begins at the Plaza (more on this in a moment). Not a bad day off. And after Chapter Four, I'd surely earned one.

Unfortunately, I awoke this morning about seven and couldn't get back to sleep, so I got up and went to my office, so that Spooky could get some more sleep. She needs it more than I do, anyway. But I do feel a little like eema just now. No caffeine yet. No breakfast yet. Outside, the sky is grey, but clearing. The world is wet. We had thunderstorms last night. There are tea-colored puddles in the gravel driveway. The shingles on the house next door are glistening in the stingy bit of sun that's getting through the clouds (my desk now faces an uncovered window, an unprecedented affair). It would be nice if the whole day isn't like this, if the sun returns, but I've not looked at the weather yet.

Sophie's vet visit went very well. We know now that cats may experience "transient diabetes," and Sophie's has, for the time, crawled off somewhere else. We were told to stop the insulin shots until her next visit, which is a relief.

Looking back at the last month, it's at least half a wonder we've all three survived, me and Spooky and Sophie. But I think that the wretched chaos and upheaval that briefly threatened to bring everything down about my ears has been contained and is being dispersed. A new Age of Me has begun. Which is a very odd thing to type, especially in a public place. But it's true. The previous Age of Me (which was, by my reckoning, in the broadest sense, the Fourth Age of Me, making this new one dawning the Fifth) has found its K/T moment, and now we're all little, furry survivors scrambling about on the far side of catastrophe. Yes, I am waxing palaeodramatic. Anyway, the new age will be heralded in a number of ways. My first tattoo, for example, which will happen this summer. I considered a fews things far more drastic. Okay, enough about that.

Vince Locke sent the inks for the Frog Toes and Tentacles illos this morning, and they're gorgeous. Here's an example, an ornament for the cover (and speaking of tattoos, Spooky's thinking she wants this illustration as her fifth tattoo). I think this one rather nicely catches the spirit of the whole project. I've placed it behind the cut:

And speaking of art, I still have to get "Nar'eth Croft" up on But mostly, today will be spent reading over Chapter Five of Daughter of Hounds, making corrections, talking through chapters Six, Seven, and maybe Eight, making a few contingent notes, and, finally getting started proofreading To Charles Fort, With Love. And there's a bunch of neglected e-mail. So it shall be a busy, busy day. Tomorrow, I can start Chapter Six; I hope to have it finished by the end of the month.

Ah, there's actual sunlight outside. Nice. I haven't gotten to my thoughts on Batman Begins, but I can save those for tomorrow. It gives me more time to ponder, anyway, which is usually a good thing. I will say that I liked it a lot, but there were problems, and I didn't like it as much as the first two Tim Burton Batman films (Batman Returns remains my fave). Okay. I suppose I have gone on much too long.

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