greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

"I wish I was the pedal brake that you depended on."

Sometime during the day yesterday, the sun came back, but it really brought no warmth with it. Today we may reach 80˚F, so yesterday was late February and today might be May. I hope I will live long enough to see the seasons in their right order again. Currently, it's only 76˚F.

Yesterday was about as black as my days ever get.

And this morning I dreamt of corrosive black shadows being dropped from the bellies of bomber planes. They devoured everything they touched, before dissipating and leaving behind only half-digested wreckage and gore.

Aunt Beast

3:38 p.m.
Tags: black days, black shadows, green autumn, homesickness, lost days, nightmares, pain, war

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