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Howard Hughes and the Threat of Kittens

The sun came back yesterday afternoon. We went outside immediately, but it was still chilly and we were not out long. We had a record low maximum for June 24th yesterday, 65˚F, and yesterday was actually colder, with the high at 64˚F. Currently, it's sunny and 74˚F. We should reach 78˚F.

And today I have a root canal. And I have to be back at the dentist on Friday.

Yesterday, I made the first pass through the new Black Helicopters ms., making a few hundred corrections, amendments, and revisions to the text. It needs one more pass before I send it away to Jonathan Strahan for his thoughts.

I spent most of last night in Second Life, hanging out with setsuled. It's strange to be back in SL, but oddly comforting.

Aunt Beast

10:45 a.m.
Tags: bad teeth, black helicopters, cooler weather, editing, jonathan strahan, nell snow, revision, second life

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